Sunday, 3 March 2013

Training, half marathons and snow

I've woken this morning knowing that the Island Half Marathon is taking place and I'm not running it. Boo!

I realised that I would struggle with it after christmas, there was no way I could train properly on a recovering sprain, flu that had sent me to bed and the thick layers of snow that insisted on sticking around.

However, it did make me determined that I would do a half marathon this year and I have my eye on two, the Robin Hood Half in Nottingham and The Tissington Trail Half which is through the Peak District along the old railway lines. That really appeals!

But I'm happy to be currently working on my core fitness and training for the Derby 10k in April at the moment. This is going well with no injuries or snow! I'm really enjoying the longer runs, they really take me to a place of meditation where it is just me and the music.

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