Friday, 18 May 2012

Word Art Competition with Arvon Foundation.

I've just submitted a piece of work to the Arvon Foundation for their Word Art Competition and feel rather pleased with myself.

I wrote a short piece trying to capture how it feels to run early in the morning and painted the route that I often run in a slightly abstract way, trying to capture the colours I feel after I have been for a run rather than something representational.

This is a new departure for me, I have often written words and thoughts but keep a lot of my creative writing secret.  So to enter a competition with a company that I, dare I admit it, desperately want to go on one of their courses, feels rather exciting.

So a big thank you to my sister Sylvia for pointing this competition out to me.

Running at 6am
This is a second version I have made, the first was a little book.  However, the little book has had a massive fit of shyness and has refused to come out and have its photo taken.   I cannot coax it out of its hiding place or in fact find its hiding place...

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Colours to Run to

Just finished off mounting and cello wrapping four of my latest paintings in the running series.  I'm really pleased with how they look.  They are based on the GPS tracking that I've got on my phone and I've done my usual thing of using the colours I wish the world really was.

They'll be on display and for sale this weekend at the Draycott Arts & Gardens Festival for £25 each.  I have debated internally whether to put them up for sale or whether to keep hold of them with the aim of having a solo exhibition based around the work produced for this blog.  I've decided to put them out there and see what response they get.